EZ iii – Brain Teaser with Answer

EZiii answer

Can you solve this clever rebus puzzle? Take a close look at the arrangement and positioning of the characters. This puzzle might be a bit challenging, but with careful observation, you can decode the hidden message. If you need a hint, see below. If you’re stumped, scroll down for the answer.

Hint: The alphabets given on two lines represents two different words.


“Easy on the eyes”


In this rebus puzzle, you see the letters “EZ” placed above three instances of the letter “I”. The key to solving this puzzle is to focus on how these elements are arranged and what they represent visually.

First, let’s break down the components:

  • “EZ” sounds like “easy” when spoken aloud.
  • The three “I”s can be interpreted as eyes.

When you put these elements together, “EZ” (easy) positioned above “III” (eyes) forms the phrase “Easy on the eyes”. This phrase is commonly used to describe something that is pleasant to look at or visually appealing.

The brilliance of this puzzle lies in its use of visual and phonetic cues to lead you to the solution. The combination of “EZ” (a homophone for “easy”) with the representation of eyes by three “I”s creatively conveys the well-known phrase “Easy on the eyes”.

So, the correct answer is “Easy on the eyes”. This puzzle not only tests your ability to interpret visual clues but also your skill in understanding how different elements can come together to form a meaningful phrase. It’s a perfect example of how rebus puzzles challenge both your lateral thinking and creativity.

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