ENTURY – Answer for Rebus Puzzle

Entury answer

Can you guess the correct phrase for this rebus puzzle? This one might be a bit tricky, but take a close look at the placement and arrangement of the letters. If you’re stuck, a hint is provided below to help you out.

If you give up, scroll down to see the correct answer.

Hint: Pay attention to what is missing in the word.


“Long time no see”


In the given riddle, the word “CENTURY” is shown without the letter “C”. The meaning of the word “CENTURY” represents a long time period. But the puzzle image has no letter ‘C’ in CENTURY. Hence, the phrase “Long time no see” is derived from the concept of a long time passing by without seeing someone.

So, the correct answer is “Long time no see”.

“Long time no see” is a phrase commonly used when you meet someone you haven’t seen in a considerable while. The puzzle ingeniously represents this idea by presenting a century (a long time) without the initial “C”. When you solve it, you realize the puzzle is prompting you to think about a lengthy period symbolized by a century, thus arriving at the phrase “Long time no see”.

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