Good Eyes – Answer for Rebus Puzzle


GOOD (with eyes in ‘O’)

In the above puzzle the word ‘GOOD’ is written. Also two eyes were shown inside the ‘O’s.

Look closely at the arrangement of the characters and images. This puzzle requires keen observation and some lateral thinking. If you find it tricky, a hint is provided below. If you’re still stumped, scroll down to see the answer.

Hint: Focus on the images within the word


“Good Eyes”


In this rebus puzzle, the word “GOOD” is depicted with the two “O”s replaced by images of eyes.

Here’s how to break it down:

The substitution of the “O”s with eyes visually represents the word “eyes” within the word “GOOD”.

    When you combine these elements, the word “GOOD” with eyes in place of the “O”s translates to the phrase “Good Eyes”. This phrase can be interpreted literally, referring to someone having good vision or sharp eyesight.

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