Na Na Fish | Nafish Nafish | Rebus Riddle with Answer

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Na na fish

Na Na Fish

Can you guess the correct word or phrase from the given hint image?

In some cases, this same question might be given as below:


For both these riddles, the answer is same. Only difference is that the questions or hint is given in two different ways.

Scroll down to see the correct answer.



In the first hint : ‘Na Na Fish‘. The ‘Na’ is given two times followed by the word ‘Fish’. So the answer is “Two Na Fish”, which can be read as “TUNA FISH”

In the second hint: NAFISH NAFISH, the word ‘NAFISH’ is given two times. So the answer can be interpreted as ‘Two NAFISH’. This also can be read as ‘TUNA FISH’.

TUNA is a salt water fish which tastes amazing.

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