Jus 144 tice | Answer for Brain Teaser

Can you solve the below rebus riddle?

Jus 144 tice answer

Guess the correct word or phrase from the above clue.

If you give up, the correct answer is given below.


‘Gross Injustice’ is the correct answer.

In this puzzle, there is 144 written in-between the word Injustice.

‘Gross’ is an amount equal to 12 dozens, which is of the value 144.

So, if we replace 144 with the word ‘Gross’, the puzzle can be re-written as Jus Gross tice.

Now the word gross is in between the word justice and this can be read as ‘Gross injustice’ (Gross in justice).

What is meant by the phrase ‘Gross Injustice’? It means, a violation of right or wicked act.

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