B Cat Dog Man Puzzle | Answer for Brain Teaser

B CAT DOG MAN Brain Teaser with Answer

B cat dog man riddle

In the above riddle the letter ‘B’ is over the words ‘Cat’, ‘Dog’ and ‘Man’.

From the given picture hint, you have to guess the correct word or phrase.

Scroll down to see the right answer…


We have found out more than one solution for this rebus riddle

Answer 1:

Be Larger Than Life

Explanation: The words Cat, Dog and Man are living objects and the letter ‘B’ is written in larger font than other words . Thus the answer can be ‘Be larger tha life’.

Answer 2:

Be Bigger Than The Rest

Explanation: The letter ‘B’ is written bigger than rest of the words and so the answer, Be bigger than the rest.

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