5280 ft – Rebus Puzzle with Answer

5280 ft answer

Can you solve this creative rebus puzzle? Take a good look at the numbers and letters presented. This one might require some lateral thinking. If you need a hint, check below. If you’re completely stumped, scroll down for the answer.

Hint: Consider what the numbers represent and the color.


“Green Mile” – is the right answer.


In this rebus puzzle, the number “5280” is followed by “ft” and the entire text is displayed in green. Here’s how to decode it:

  1. Numbers and Units: The number “5280” followed by “ft” signifies feet. There are 5280 feet in a mile.
  2. Color Clue: The text is green, which is a crucial part of the solution.

When you combine these elements, you get “5280 feet” (which is a mile) and the green color gives you the term “Green Mile”.

Therefore, the correct answer is “Green Mile”. This rebus puzzle cleverly uses numerical and color cues to represent a well-known phrase or title. The combination of “5280 ft” (one mile) with the green color effectively conveys the idea of “Green Mile”.

The brilliance of this puzzle lies in its simplicity and the way it integrates both numerical data and color to lead you to the solution. By recognizing that 5280 feet equals a mile and then factoring in the color green, you can decipher the puzzle correctly.

So, the correct answer is “Green Mile”. This rebus puzzle demonstrates how different elements such as numbers, units, and colors can be combined to form a meaningful phrase, making the process of solving it both fun and intellectually stimulating.

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