1000 MA – Brain Teaser Answer

1000 ma

Are you ready for another mind-bending rebus puzzle? Look carefully at the numbers and letters presented. This one may require some out-of-the-box thinking. If you need a hint, check below. If you’re completely stumped, scroll down for the answer.

Hint: Think about how “1000” can be represented and how “MA” relates to family.




In this rebus puzzle, you see the number “1000” followed by the letters “MA”. Here’s how to decode it:

  1. Numerical Representation: The number “1000” can be represented as “Grand”. (The word grand is used to mean thousand because 1,000 dollars was considered to be a “grand amount of money”)
  2. Letters and Family Terms: The letters “MA” can be interpreted as a term for mother or in this case, part of the word “grandma”.

Putting these elements together, “1000” translates to “Grand” and “MA” remains as is, forming “GRANDMA”.

Therefore, the correct answer is “Grandma”. This puzzle creatively uses numerical shorthand and familiar terms to arrive at a word associated with family.

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